Can money alone buy growth? Where should entrepreneurs spend their money and focus at different stages of the development of their ventures?

In the heat of the struggle to raise capital, build teams and ship products, entrepreneurs are subject to immense pressure. Focus shifts often too early on acquiring more customers before reaching product market fit. Before finding a fit receipt, money spent on growth is often wasted at acquiring lead that doesn’t transform or users that leave rapidly.

Successful entrepreneurs on the other side recognize the right time to invest in growth and when it is time to reinforce product market fit.
Trade off is never simple as growth is the only true indicator of market fit and pressure for numbers is often too strong.

Through his experiences building Careem in Morocco for the past few years and leading in Tunisia for the past few months, our guest, Yassir El Ismaili, will walk us through the dilemmas of his journey to success and he will share lessons learned from his failures. Above all, this talk is for entrepreneurs who are feeling pressure to raise funds and invest them in growth.

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Date: mer. 17 mai 2017 de 19:00 à 22:00

Lieu: Startup Haus Tunis, 71 Avenue Jean Jaurès, Tunis, Gouvernorat de Tunis

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20 DT General Admission

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